Choice of Ground Beef, Shredded Beef, Chicken or Pork. All items served with Rice & Beans.

Tacos Blancos (2) – flour tortillas with choice of meat, lettuce and tomatoes

Enciladas Grande (3) – white corn tortillas filled with choice of meat and sauce, topped with cheese

Enchilada Especial Del Azul – blue corn tortillas, layered with shredded chicken, green sauce, jack cheese and topped with sour cream (with optional fried egg)

Burrito Lata – large flour tortilla, filled with choice of meat, guacamole, sour cream and beans, topped with queso sauce

Tostada Noche – chrisp corn tortillas, covered with choice of meat, beans, cheese, onions, lettuce and tomatoes

Steak Burrito Grande – grilled 5 oz. steak, black beans, mixed cheeses in a flour tortilla, with sour cream and red sauce

Chile Rellenos (2) – toasted anaheim chiles, stuffed with jack cheese, coated with egg white batter, deep fried and served on a layer of relleno sauce

Pork Carnitas – braised shredded pork with white corn tortillas, cheese, guacamole, sour cream, lettuce and tomatoes

Fajitas – grilled sirloin steak or chicken breast on a sizzling skillet with peppers and onions, with all the toppings and flour tortillas (also available with shrimp)

Blue Mood Saloon – 1 chile relleno, 1 cheese enchilada, 5 oz. sirloin steak, with side of red or brown sauce.

Seafood Enchiladas (2) – shrimp and fresh fish sauteed with peppers, onions, chiles, tomatoes, cheese and served with jalapeno cream sauce

Fish Tacos (2) – grilled mahi mahi in flour tortillas topped with fresh lime cabbage, tomatoes & Mexican tartar sauce

Seafood Chimichanga – shrimp and fresh fish, sauteed with peppers, onions, chiles, tomatoes, cheese and served with jalapeno cream sauce. Fried in a flour tortilla with guacamole and sour cream

Camorones En Bolso – large sauteed shrimp, served in garlic lime butter salsa and spices, 1 cheese enchilada

Chicken Adobo – sauteed 8 oz. chicken breast with chiles, tomatoes, jalapenos, jack cheese, sour cream, flour tortillas with green chile, jalaeno cream or poblano chile sauce

Carne Asada (winter only) – 10 oz. grilled ribeye with sautéed chilies and onions. Served with choice of sauce on the side with a sour tortilla

Amigos Sauces

Relleno Sauce - mild spice

Red Sauce - medium spice

Jalapeno Cream Sauce - mild spice

Green Sauce - medium spice

Tomatillo Sauce - very HOT!


Fried Ice Cream

Apple Crisp

Mud Pie